Taylor County Schools

Dear Families and Students,

Today is decision day for masking in our facilities and on buses. Unfortunately, the map that has been released from the WVDHHR has a mistake on Wednesday, September 22nd and did not include any positive test results showing a 0% positivity rate. The Grafton Taylor Health department reports a 2.7% positivity rate on September 22nd which would put our current rate at 8.18% over the 7-day period which makes us red on today’s map. In speaking with Dr. Bender, our markedly high infection rate continues to keep us a high risk county per the CDC. He is recommending that we continue to mask. He is hopeful we are nearing a time where the risk is lessened and the masks may not be needed.

Due to the incorrect numbers reported by the WVDHHR, impacting the positivity rate and the high infection rate currently being experienced in Taylor County, we will remain masked for the next 14 days in all facilities and on our buses. While this decision will not be popular with everyone, I must err on the side of caution so we can keep our schools open and our staff and students safe.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate COVID and its impact on our schools and community.

Best regards,

Christy Miller, Superintendent